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          Core Drilling Rig was Rewarding When It Prospected for Gold in Congo
          Author:admin Click:3207 Time:2014-12-8

          The drilling equipments are required more with the increasing investment in mineral exploration. Mineral exploration increased demand for core drilling rig.

          The YDX-300L crawler core drilling rig was manufactured by Jinfan, it is mainly used to metal and non-metallic solid in prospecting for mineral deposits. The drilling rig is simple to operate, powerful, apply to wireline core drilling.

          Since October 2013, there were two sets YDX-300L core drilling rig been exported to Congo, they are still prospecting for gold. The customers said that they use φ75 wireline core drilling tools, within the deepest hole is 220m, samples are complete and valid. Our client said that the drilling rig’s hole depth can reach to 250m. The client also drilled wells by using the YDX-300L, within the depth 100m, diameter is 130mm. The drilling rig received high evaluation by constructors and investors.

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