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          YGQ-30 Drilling Rig


          YGQ-30 construction drilling rig is used for drilling anchor holes in deep base pit of high building, anchor and reinforce side-slope for water conservatory project, water power station project, railways and highways . Especially used for drilling anchor holes in high position side-slope protection and drainage holes.


          YG-40 drilling rig is a full hydraulic operated top drive power head drill with strong drilling capability and low energy consumption.
          It is composed of the main set, control panel and pump which are connected together with flexible joint. So it features simple in structure, good disassembility and convenient to mount and transport.
          Transmission, built in the top drive power head, has two speed range ― high and low. It can meet the requirements of both DTH hammer drilling and carbide bit drilling.
          Hydraulic part is an international famous brand product which ensures drilling rig's high reliability and permanence stability.


          drilling depth 45 ~ 35m
          Drilling diameter ?76 ~ ?120mm
          drill specifications ?50 × 1000; ?73 × 1000
          to carry out the process 1200mm
          power head rotation speed 35,64r / min
          powerhead rated torque 1200Nm
          System Pressure 13Mpa
          Maximum lifting force 38kN
          maximum propulsion 19kN
          Motor Power 7.5kW
          Rig quality 450kg
          largest component quality (no oil hydraulic station) 200kg
          rig outside dimensions 2700 × 1150 × 1400 mm

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